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I think the idea of mixing luxury and mass-market fashion is very modern, very now - no one wears.
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The Brand

Elisenda Herrero

“A change of course to devote myself to what I am truly passionate about, decorating”…

After a long trajectory working for large multinational companies as head of marketing and after being a mother of to toddlers the need arose in me to stop and think, devoting time to myself and my loved ones, a great gift!!

I had been doing the same work for many years but something inside me compelled me to embark on something different,, something that I feel a real passion for, decorating and interior design.

It wasn’t easy because all of us are in a treadmill and it’s difficult to break out of it, but in the end, thanks to great friends and family I managed to take the leap and decided to stop and start from scratch. That’s how I set up FROM THE MED, with the invaluable help and creativity of Sonia, a wonderful designer and illustrator, a friend from adolescence and fellow traveller on this new adventure.

All our products are locally designed and produced. We love the things produced in our land. The Mediterranean inspires us, and that’s why our entire product range is designed and crafted by artisans or by local manufacturers.

The Brand

We based the work for our designs around several things that inspire us, but above all…looking at the Mediterranean.

The Sun, the Sea, the waves, the horizon, the blue sky, seagulls, fish and cactus are some of the things that inspire us. The Sea gives us energy, vitality and at the same time transmits calm and serenity, the essential ingredients for creating From the Med.

And the colours…indigo blue, mustard yellow, emerald green and coral red.

The outcome is a collection of decorative accessories based on lighthearted and very Mediterranean prints for adorning your home and garden/terrace: premium quality beech wood hammocks for adults and children, removable playful hammock fabrics, matching cushions, towels and reversible bags…

We are a socially responsible and environmentally friendly brand

We elaborate our products with the Asociación Estel Tapia , a non-profit orgranisation devoted to the social and job inclusion of adults in vulnerable social and economic circumstances.

The dyes we use are water based (but washable) and our printing supplier  has OEKO-TEX certification, a leading worldwide ecological stamp for textile products.

The wood we use comes from sustainably managed forests and holds the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) stamp, the most demanding certification in environmental forestry management .